Appleton Wisconsin Wedding at Homestead Meadow | Justin and Samantha |

October 31, 2014  •  2 Comments

Venue: Homestead Meadow - Appleton,WI

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SJ-26SJ-26 SJ-27SJ-27 SJ-30SJ-30 SJ-34 -2SJ-34 -2 JD6_8730JD6_8730 SJ-36SJ-36 SJ-42SJ-42 JD6_8868JD6_8868 SJ-50SJ-50 SJ-51SJ-51 SJ-54SJ-54 SJ-63SJ-63 SJ-64SJ-64 SJ-56SJ-56 SJ-57SJ-57 SJ-55SJ-55 SJ-59SJ-59 SJ-60SJ-60 SJ-61SJ-61


james darmawan(non-registered)
Thank you so much for your compliment. Very much appreciated :)
When I see the photography of James Darmayan, it shows how the couple were in love with each other! Very inspirational photos!
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