Assembled Albums

Modern and sleek, the MpixPro Signature Album adds contemporary style to the traditional photo album. Featuring a one-piece wraparound cover with a variety of amazing options, you can create a gorgeous keepsake for your clients with up to 50 pages of press or photographic paper.

Premium Album starts at $220

Product Highlights

  • Available in 8x8”, 8x10”, 10x8”, 10x10”, and 12x12”
  • 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50 page options
  • Custom Cover (Canvas, Glossy, Metalic & Satin), Leather, and Linen covers available
  • Lustre coating available for
  • E-Surface paper only
  • Debossing offered for Leather and Linen covers
  • Foil stamping available for Leather covers
  • Select Black or White end leaf option


MpixPro-Signature-Album-1MpixPro-Signature-Album-1 MpixPro-Signature-Album-2MpixPro-Signature-Album-2 MpixPro-Signature-Album-3MpixPro-Signature-Album-3 MpixPro-Signature-Album-4MpixPro-Signature-Album-4 MpixPro-Signature-Album-5MpixPro-Signature-Album-5 MpixPro-Signature-Album-6MpixPro-Signature-Album-6

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